Become An Expert Star Gazer

You Can Easily Master The Art Of Star Gazing

Picture this. You are enjoying a great summer evening on the beach with a group of friends. As night falls and the stars begin to appear, you begin to name every star, every constellation and quote the historical significance of each one!

This vision will be a reality after you read this book. Maybe you've always had an interest in astronomy and space, but you just don't know enough to turn it into a full time hobby. After reading this book you'll be able to simply wow your friends with your knowledge of astronomy and space.

Listen, it doesn't matter if you know next to nothing about astronomy, you can make it your hobby extraordinaire!

Allow yourself to drift back in time to when you were a small child lying on your back on the newly mowed grass staring at the panoramic sky above you.

You were intent on being very quiet thinking that if you didn’t bring attention to yourself your parents wouldn’t tell you to run off to bed. Your eyes were filled with wonder and you were almost mesmerized by the questions that filled your mind.

Maybe your children are of an age where they are asking questions about the stars. Sure, we can all pretty much point out the Big Dipper, but there is so much more we can learn and teach our children.

You don’t have to know everything there is to know about astronomy but looking up at the night sky with binoculars or a telescope can be a breath-taking experience and learning more about everything you see can be fun and educational.

The Shortest Path To Making Astronomy A Fulfilling Hobby

Discover the many surprising ways that Amateur Astronomy for Beginners can give you a decidedly unfair advantage. Many of them have probably never occurred to you, and they are guaranteed to make your hobby fun as well as great conversational starters.

See what you will learn:

  • Telescopes and Light – How to select just the right telescope for your home hobby.
  • Exploring the Stars – Learn the names of the stars and maybe even create your own constellations for fun!
  • All About the Sun – Learn how to safely explore our most important star.
  • About Galaxies – Discover how many different types of galaxies there are and how our scientists came to understand them.
  • Exploring the Solar System – What is The International Astronomical Union (IAU) and what does it have to do with us?
  • Visiting the Planets – How to locate our nearest neighbors and help your children find them.
  • Reflecting on the Moon – How to teach your kids about the moon.
  • What About Comets and Meteors – Learn about important details and where to find more information.
  • A Discussion on Black Holes – Learn why we should know more about these phenomena and some of the theories surround them.
  • How Stars Die – What happens when they go poof!
  • How to Recognize the Constellations – This is the really fun part!
  • Poor Maligned Pluto – Read about recent findings.
  • Astrology - Fact and Fiction

Now you'll be ale to learn the fundamentals of star gazing and take your interest in astronomy to the next level.This book will help you create a fun hobby for the entire family. It can also give you great information to use as conversation starters in social situations.

Don’t wait. Get your copy now and start putting it to the test tonight for only $9.97!