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What is the Definition of Astronomy Anyway?

The Definition of Astronomy is easy to understand

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So you're interested in astronomy and astronomy definitions, but you don't know what the definition of astronomy even is. Well don't worry, I'm going to give you the meaning of astronomy in plain English. After you know what it means, you will see there are many cool things to learn!

Let's start with what the dictionary meaning of astronomy is: It is the scientific study of the universe and celestial bodies, especially their positions and movements.

Okay, what exactly is that supposed to mean? Astronomy is the study of outer space and anything in it. Things like:

People who study outer space are called astronomers. Astronomers have made great discoveries about outer space. In fact, we wouldn`t know much about the universe without them! They use tools like:

  • binoculars
  • telescopes
  • cameras

So now when someone asks you what Astronomy means, you will be able to tell them.

Where's the best place to start your study of astronomy? That's easy! Start with a telescope in your own backyard.

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That our moon is believed to be formed from a piece of Earth that split off from a collision with a massive meteor?

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