What do you know about the Earth anyway?

planet earth

Even though we all live on the Earth, there is still a lot we can learn about it. Our planet is a visual marvel to behold from space, and looks like a gigantic blue marble with puffy white clouds.

Our planet is unique because it`s the only planet known to have life. The planet is perfectly suited to harbor life for many reasons. It`s the 3rd planet from the Sun, which gives it such a mild climate. Aside from the occasional storm, our planet`s weather conditions are generally tolerable. Since water is essential to sustain life, it`s a pretty good thing for all of us that oceans cover 71% of the planet.

Did you know our planet travels 108000 km per hour through space?

Here are some quick facts about our home in space:

  • Earth is about 93 million miles from the Sun
  • A year is approximately 365 days
  • A day is 24 hours
  • Our planet`s structure is kind of like an onion that has many layers
  • Our atmosphere is 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen
  • We only have one moon

    The top layer of our planet is called the crust and is made of many expansive plates. These plates sometimes collide and when they do, that`s when earthquakes happen!

    Did you know the unique makeup of our atmosphere shields us from the Sun`s radiation and protects us from meteors?

    I hope by now you realize what an amazing planet you live on. Our planet fosters many different forms of life, from simple plants to complex human beings. That one fact alone makes the place we live pretty special.

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