Little known facts about Hubble Space Telescope

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  • The Hubble telescope is named after American astronomer Edwin P Hubble.
  • The Hubble telescope was launched into space on April 24th, 1990 aboard the space shuttle Discovery.
Did you know: The Hubble telescope is almost the size of a school bus and can fit inside of a space shuttle cargo bay?
  • The Hubble telescope weighs 24,500 pounds.
  • The Hubble telescope cost 1.5 billion dollars at the time it was launched.
  • The Hubble goes around the Earth at 5 miles per second.
  • It orbits the Earth at an altitude of 353 miles.
  • The Hubble's speed is 17,500 miles per hour.
  • The Hubble can't observe Mercury or the Sun.
  • The Hubble's first image was taken on May 20th, 1990.
  • The most frequent Hubble image is the Earth.
  • Hubble transmits 120 gigabytes of information each week.
  • The Hubble gets its energy from the Sun through 2 solar panels.
  • The Hubble uses about 28 light bulbs worth of energy in one orbit.

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