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The Hubble Telescope - History of the Universe in Pictures

Hubble Telescope

The Hubble Telescope, named after Edwin Hubble, was built by NASA, and launched into space in 1990. At the time, astronomers the world over expected great discoveries to be made.

Why were People so Excited?

With technology like the Hubble Telescope, we could get a much better look into outer space and learn more about the universe. We could find new black holes, and look back billions of years in time to the very birth of our universe.

The Hubble Today

Today, this wonderful piece of equipment has more than lived up to our expectations. It brings us spectacular images, and helps us make new discoveries all the time. With the Hubble's help, we can now prove that dark matter, or energy, is simply matter that we can't see with our eyes. Did you know it's estimated that only ten percent of the universe is visible? So, why is the Hubble so special? Well, before the Hubble was launched into space, scientists and astronomers could only learn about space by studying starlight, and the only pictures they had were taken here on earth.

A Major Advance in Astronomy

With the help of this huge reflective telescope discoveries are made every day, and we get spectacular images of space that will take you breath away.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The pictures taken by Hubble are not your ordinary pictures. They are 20 times larger than pictures taken with a digital camera. Even at that size, they are crystal clear and full of color.

Some Hubble History

Construction of the Hubble started in 1977 and was finished in 1985. 5 years later, on April 25, 1990 Hubble was launched into space. the first pictures weren't so great. NASA later discovered why. The giant mirror in Hubble was too flat on one edge. In 1993, a camera was added to Hubble, and this corrected the problem. In 1997, Hubble was serviced a second time and older instruments were replaced. In October 1997, NASA extended the telescope's operations through the year 2010. So it seems as if we have much to discover about the world of Astronomy and space, because this wonderful telescope will continue bringing us images for years to come. Bring the universe home today in full vivid color. Got an amateur astronomer in your family? Imagine filling their room with this awe-inspiring collection of the best images in hubble history. For the price of one poster, you can now own over 1100 of the most breathtaking high quality digital images that have ever been captured from space. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can download the entire collection in one file and enjoy these breath-taking images on your computer within moments.
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For Young Astronomers

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Did you know?

The Hubble Telescope was named after the astronomer Edwin Hubble and it was launched into space in 1990.

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