You can`t help but notice Venus in the night sky.

The planet Venus

The beauty of the planet Venus shines like a pearl in our night sky. Astronomers were so impressed with this planet that they named it after the Roman goddess of love and beauty.

The first thing you notice about Venus is its brightness in our night sky. Other than the moon, this planet shines with more brilliance than any other object in the night sky. It`s known as the morning star or the evening star, and can be seen 3 hours before sunrise or 3 hours after sunset.

It is the 2nd closest planet to the Sun and the closest planet to the Earth. If you look through a telescope, you`ll see that the planet has phases like the moon. a year on this planet is 225 days, while a day on this planet is equivalent to 243 days on the Earth.

Did you know that water on this planet is very rare?

Here are some quick facts about this planet that i bet you didn`t know:

  • It`s an even hotter place than Mercury, averaging 860 degrees!
  • It`s so hot because of a very thick atmosphere which traps the heat in
  • Its surface is scarred by craters
  • It rotates east to west
  • Its clouds are made of sulfuric acid
  • Its atmosphere is 97% carbon dioxide

This truly beautiful planet shines brightly in our night sky. But looks can certainly fool you. If we were able to visit this planet, I`m sure that it would be a very unpleasant place to be indeed!

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