What is astronomy?

So you're asking yourself, "What is astronomy?", I mean, isn't it a really complicated science?. Well don't worry, after you explore this website, you'll see that astronomy is more than just a branch of science, it's cool too.

The dictionary says the definition is the scientific study of the universe and celestial bodies, especially their positions and movements.

People who study outer space are called astronomers. So, since you're interested in the study of outer space, you could consider yourself an amateur astronomer.

Astronomy is actually made up of a lot of things. Ever wonder if there was life on Mars? That's astronomy. Have you ever seen a solar eclipse? That's astronomy too.

Anything that's in space and can be studied is a part of astronomy. When you look up at the night sky and wonder about all those stars that you see, that's where astronomy starts at.

Astronomy, like every other science, begins with a curiosity about the world around you.

So never stop learning and being curious about the world around you.

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